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Resources for Elementary Counselors


The purpose of the WCSD's Elementary School's Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance program is to serve as partners with regular education and special education programs in creating a developmentally sound learning environment that promotes student achievement, high integrity, healthy self-worth and helps students gain the practical knowledge and life skills necessary to make choices that will maximize their potential and enable them to function harmoniously with others as responsible students and citizens.

Foster Care Enrollment Protocol

Elementary Dates At A Glance

Current Enrollment Statistics

Elementary School Counseling.org

NOSCA - National Office for School Counselor Advocacy

USCA - Utah School Counselors Association

ASCA - American School Counselor Association


121 West Tabernacle
Saint George, Utah 84770
T: (435) 673-3553
F: (435) 652-4720

K-12 Counseling Coordinator
Jon Butler
Phone: (435) 673-3553 Ext 5155

Counseling/CE Secretary
Kris Lewis
Phone: (435) 673-3553 Ext 5156

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